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We are Grant & Sara Dotson. As a husband and wife team, we bring a unique perspective to photography, one influenced by life experiences as well as comprehensive art and design training. Our cameras are an extension of not only our eyes, but our minds and hearts, instantly capturing moments and emotions just as they occur. We enjoy getting to know our clients on a personal level and helping them feel that they're a part of a partnership. Every client is different, and our photographs seek to reflect each individual personality for truly unforgettable memories.


Photo of Grant: Courtesy of Jamie Weiss. Thanks Jamie!


Juli & Justin’s Engagement

We met up with Juli and Justin at Clumpies on a busy Saturday. We enjoyed talking with Juli and Justin, hearing about their wedding plans and how they met…they are a fun couple and we knew this was going to be a fun shoot. We started shooting outside of Clumpies and then did a few shots on Fraizer Avenue. Then we headed over to Renaissance Park and got a few more shots of them before heading over the bridge to the Aquarium.

As part of our new blog format I sent Juli some questions about how her and Justin met and so forth and was brought to tears when I read her response. Love is so powerful and I love every story I hear. We are so honored to share the story of Juli & Justin.

When/how did you meet?
Justin and I met at a restaurant while going to visit with my good friend and he was going to meet up with his best friend who was on a semi/informal date, little did they know they would be the ones to introduce me to the future love of my life.

How long did you date?
We were dating for about 4 months when Justin proposed.

How/when did you get engaged?
Justin flew out to San Diego where I was on my internship one weekend in July. The second night he was there, he took me up to a park on the cliffs of the ocean called “Sunset Cliffs.” We have talked about it before and both agreed that we could spend the rest of our lives with each other, it was just that perfect. After going to a nice dinner that night, we went to watch the sunset with a bottle of wine. I actually thought he was thinking about breaking up with me because of how nervous and unusual he was acting, little did I know he was about to pull out a little blue box. He started talking about how all of this, from day one has been a fairytale and how he wanted to continue that with me and fulfill a happy ending to our lives and to our fairytale. At that point, beside a small campfire overlooking the Pacific Ocean, he got on a knee and asked me if I would like to continue the fairytale with him forever. I was completely clueless on what happened, I broke into tears and grabbed him and held him tight and said I do. I knew we had talked about it but I never knew that it would happen so perfectly and especially on that weekend in California.

What is your ring like?
I have a Tiffany’s Nova style ring. And by the way, Tiffany’s does shine better than the competition…:)

What are some of your wedding plans?
Our wedding will be at the Read House in Chattanooga on October 16th, 2010. My hometown is Ooltewah and both sides of the family are huge college football fans. However my side is ALL VOL, seeing as the majority of my bridesmaids I met while cheerleading at Tennessee, and Justin being from Douglasville, GA is all about Geogia. I’m sure there will be plenty of unplanned excitement and friends and family celebrating!

Juli and Justin have a lot of energy and passion for each other and it made for a really fun shoot. We are really excited to be doing Juli’s Bridal pictures this summer. She has a designer dress and I can’t wait to see it! Their wedding will surely be stunning. Juli has a very specific vision of style and elegance for her wedding…we are honored to be a part of it.

April 30, 2010 - 6:23 pm Betty Dotson - Wow, Sara and Grant!!! I am so impressed by this posting...The write-up of how these 2 met was so interesting and well written! Bet it was lots of fun taking these pictures...what a photogenic couple and what a great job you did in capturing their love for each other!

May 14, 2010 - 11:06 am Meghan - Beautiful couple and equally beautiful images! I love the one near the riverfront fountain, such a neat way to see it.

May 26, 2010 - 2:34 pm Ben Finch - Well done guys... this session is really outstanding. I love it!

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