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We are Grant & Sara Dotson. As a husband and wife team, we bring a unique perspective to photography, one influenced by life experiences as well as comprehensive art and design training. Our cameras are an extension of not only our eyes, but our minds and hearts, instantly capturing moments and emotions just as they occur. We enjoy getting to know our clients on a personal level and helping them feel that they're a part of a partnership. Every client is different, and our photographs seek to reflect each individual personality for truly unforgettable memories.


Photo of Grant: Courtesy of Jamie Weiss. Thanks Jamie!


Emily & Dan’s Wedding

Emily and Dan’s wedding was a lot of fun! This fabulous couple had so much energy and love for each other, that just being around them made you happy. We got to shoot at the Tennessee River Place which we’ve never been to before and it was SO beautiful. The weather was perfect, the location was stunning, plus we got to work with Foxy Events whom we just love! Every little detail was so pretty and everything came together for a wonderful wedding day.

Make sure you check out the pictures at the end…we’ve never had a groom strip off his pants and leave in a WaveRunner before!

Thanks to Emily and Dan for asking us to be a part of your day…we hope you love your images.

Emily and Dan…

How did you decide on your dress?
My mom and I went shopping at a couple of places and I kept expecting that big moment, where everyone cries and says this is it and she was very “meh” about everything I was trying on. So we went to the last place of the day and the first dress I tried on was perfect! I was obsessed with the cool pleats on the bottom and it fit perfect and my mom teared up. We were so excited and finally had the “this is it!” feeling that we’d both been waiting for.

What was the most memorable moment about your wedding day?
Walking down the aisle with my Dad was so exciting! I loved seeing all of our loved ones there to support us and Dan waiting for me at the end. It was incredibly special.

What did you enjoy most about planning your wedding?
The cake tasting and trying on dresses were my favorite parts. I also liked that Dan contributed his awesome groom’s cake and an unforgettable getaway on the WaveRunner. It was amazing to see everything come together!

What was your favorite detail of the wedding?
The lights down to the river were so stunning! And my mother-in-law made my beautiful sash, it really made the dress look all the more amazing.

What are three words you would use to describe your day?
Beautiful. Delicious and Dance-tastic. I made that last one up, but it’s true.

What’s next for you as a couple? What are you looking forward to in the future?
We are looking forward to lots of travel and adventures together!

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