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We are Grant & Sara Dotson. As a husband and wife team, we bring a unique perspective to photography, one influenced by life experiences as well as comprehensive art and design training. Our cameras are an extension of not only our eyes, but our minds and hearts, instantly capturing moments and emotions just as they occur. We enjoy getting to know our clients on a personal level and helping them feel that they're a part of a partnership. Every client is different, and our photographs seek to reflect each individual personality for truly unforgettable memories.


Photo of Grant: Courtesy of Jamie Weiss. Thanks Jamie!


Sarah & Matt’s Wedding

What an incredible day we had shooting Sarah & Matt’s wedding. Sarah was so excited all day and luckily the weather cooperated enough for us to get some pictures outside. Her dress was a masterpiece and every detail of this wedding was stunning. I remember when we did their engagement pictures Sarah said pretty much all of the planning was done since they were having a 18 month engagement…needless to say this couple was ready to be husband and wife and it was sweet to witness that.

How did the two of you meet?
We met through a mutual friend, Samantha Brown, who was the Maid of Honor at our wedding. She invited me out to dinner with a group of her friends and Matt was one of the people there. We hit it off immediately and had our first date a week later.

Describe the proposal.
Matt had mentioned that a meteor shower would be visible over Chattanooga on December 14th 2007 and that we should go out to Signal Point to see it. I agreed and forgot about it. On the 14th, we went out for our usual date night and then Matt started driving out towards Signal Point. I asked him what he was doing and he reminded me about the meteors. When we got there, it was way too cloudy to see anything and the wind was freezing. I asked Matt if we could leave and he seemed disappointed. He started fumbling for something in his pocket and I thought he was looking for his camera but no, it was a ring box! He got down on one knee, told me he loved me, and asked me to marry him. :)

What was your favorite detail of the wedding?
It’s a tie between the train of my dress and the bridal cake. Both were exactly what I had always wanted.

How did you find and decide on your dress?
I knew that I wanted a lace dress with a long train. I tried on dozens and dozens of dresses before realized I should probably just give up for the day. Right before I left Boutique Couture, Emily, the owner, pulled a dress and told me I should make it the last one I tried on for the day. It was perfect! And I was able to add 4ft to the train!

Describe your flowers, cake and other decorations.
The bridesmaids’ bouquets were black and white anemones. They looked so classy and fit perfectly with my colors of black, white, and pink. My bouquet was all ivory flowers– sweet pea, lilacs, tulips, and peonies. The flowers in the chapel and on the tables at the reception were pink roses and pink ranunculus. The bridal cake was truly a work of art. It was pink and ivory with lots of details– lace and ribbon made out of fondant and rhinestone brooches on the bottom tiers. Matt’s cake was so fun! It was decorated like a tree stump with our names “carved” in a heart on the side. Every decoration was exactly what I wanted– classy and unique with little details that made everyone say “wow!”

What was your most memorable moment about your wedding day?
The most memorable moment was when my dad and I were outside of the chapel right before we were to walk down the aisle. My music had started playing and the doors were about to open when my dad said, “This is the easy part.” Haha!

What’s next for you as a couple?  What are you looking forward to in the future?
The next step for us is to finish our house. It feels like we have been remodeling it for forever! We’ll both be relieved when it finally feels like “home.”

May 29, 2010 - 7:26 am Betty Dotson - Sara and Grant...just when I think your pictures couldn't be any more exceptional, you do another posting and i say WOW. I LOVED the groom's cake...incredible!

June 3, 2010 - 10:09 pm Meghan - Beautiful, original & creative images as usual! I really enjoyed the q&a in between the images, it helped me connect with the bride and groom. I caught myself smiling through this post (:

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