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We are Grant & Sara Dotson. As a husband and wife team, we bring a unique perspective to photography, one influenced by life experiences as well as comprehensive art and design training. Our cameras are an extension of not only our eyes, but our minds and hearts, instantly capturing moments and emotions just as they occur. We enjoy getting to know our clients on a personal level and helping them feel that they're a part of a partnership. Every client is different, and our photographs seek to reflect each individual personality for truly unforgettable memories.


Photo of Grant: Courtesy of Jamie Weiss. Thanks Jamie!


Samantha & Brad’s Wedding

Samantha and Brad had a beautiful wedding! We had lots of rain and even a threat of tornados but that didn’t change the spirit of these two people that are so in love. I loved all of the neat details that Samantha did for her wedding, it seemed like every time I turned around there was some little detail that had their style and personality in it and I just love that! Samantha and Brad were so excited all day long and it was a privilege to get to be there and to capture that love and excitement.

How did the two of you meet?
Brad and I met in high school where he had a little crush on me, but our lives went separate ways. About two years after that we met again through a mutual friend that was in college at Middle Tennessee State University with me. About a month later we went on our first date to a Christmas party. We officially started dating in December of 2005 and quickly grew to love each other more than we had ever imagined we would. I moved home to Chattanooga to complete Grad School and to be closer to Brad. Two years after that we got engaged. Now, four and a half years later, we are husband and wife.

Describe the proposal.
Every Memorial Day weekend we go to my Mom’s house on the lake. It was May 23rd, 2009 and we were eating dinner with friends at a restaurant across the lake. My Mom was at home with our Beagle, Lucky, who is an extraordinary escape artist. She text Brad saying the he got out some how and they just couldn’t find him. She instructed us to come home to help search for our missing pup. We apologized to our friends and told them that we would be back as soon as we found him. When we arrived to our dock the lights were out and I thought I could hear Lucky whining. I ran in front of Brad to the dock and stumbled upon hundreds of candles, our Lucky tied to a pole with a fake diamond hanging from his neck, and our favorite love song playing (Hummingbird by Chris Hennessee). I turned around to Brad without the slightest clue of what was about to happen and he dropped to one knee and asked me to marry him!

What was your favorite detail of the wedding?
My favorite detail of our wedding was all the wonderful music that we had. The two soloists in the ceremony were just beautiful, the small orchestra was made up of my cousins, the band at the reception was my sister’s boyfriend, and our first dance was sung by Brad’s cousin. We just love music and are surrounded by a lot of talented people.

How did you find and decide on your dress?
I knew from the start that I did not want a strapless dress because I wanted to feel covered and yet elegant at my wedding. Knowing that I wanted straps I decided that a low back would be the perfect touch. I had tried on many different dresses, but when I put on my first lace dress I just knew that’s what I wanted. I went to my favorite boutique and told them my requests. They pulled out this dress and it was love at first sight. Well, sort of. I had some minor things changed to make it more perfect, but in the end it was all I had ever dreamed of!

Describe your flowers, cake and other decorations.
Brad and his family are Kentucky fans and I cheered at Middle Tennessee State, which are both blue teams. This made it an easy decision to have a Blue wedding. When deciding on blue flowers I knew that hydrangeas were really beautiful and popular. I added in blue daisys, white mums, and a few other fillers to make the most beautiful flowers ever. The best part is that my Grandmother used to be a florist so she made all my girls bouquets and a few other things. For the cake I wanted it to be simple, white, and have a touch of blue. That is exactly what I got. For the groom’s cake Brad asked if it was possible to design Rupp Arena. To our surprise it was the most awesome cake I’ve ever seen! It looked just like the Kentucky Basketball stadium. It was also a big hit with our guest for being the most delicious of the two.

What was your most memorable moment about your wedding day?
The most memorable moment about our big day was walking into our beautiful sanctuary and seeing my husband just filled with joyful tears. Everyone said they could truly see the love we have for each other.

What’s next for you as a couple? What are you looking forward to in the future?
What’s next? Well, we have a new house that we are planning to do some yard work in and then who knows. We would like to go on a ski trip sometime in the next year and maybe even the beach sometime after that. We want to go on many fun trips together while we are young, and before we start our own family. I think our future holds lots of wonderful things filled with God’s love and happiness. We look forward to growing closer to God through each other and hope to learn how to have a happy life living with our best friend.

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