“The album proof looks GREAT!   Wow!  So much better than I ever knew was even available.  Amazing.”

Katie von Gooden

“The slideshow looks AWESOME!!!! I'm thrilled!!!! Thank you, thank you.”

Tyler Woodard


“We can't stop looking at them.  :) ”

Courtney Hitchens

“Thanks Grant, the slideshow was beautiful!!!  (Since he would never tell you this I will, it brought tears to Hunter's eyes).”

Hunter & Daniela

“The Slideshow and storyboard: THEY ARE AMAZING!!!  I CRIED:)”

Brandi Dominy

“Many compliments of your work...most guests wondered if we even had a photographer at the reception....BECAUSE they said you were unobtrusive, never the ‘in your face’ kind of photographer that many are used to.”

Donna Townsend (Morgan’s mom)


“Yay! Thank you both so much!  You did a wonderful, amazing job—I am so amazed with how beautiful the images are. Thank you thank you thank you!”

Emily Woods

“Grant and Sara, those are THE BEST pictures I have ever seen. The both of you are amazing people and I am so happy and so thankful to the both of you for being a part of that amazing day!”

Morgan Townsend

We always love to hear from our past clients again, and we love it even more when they're writing to tell us how happy they are. So here are some of our former clients to tell you about their experience in their own words.