Will I receive a digital copy of the photos?

Yes, most collections include a digital copy of all the finished photos. They're full print quality, not downsized or watermarked, and you'll also receive a license to make prints and share them. Depending on your preference, we can deliver them as a digital download, on a USB thumbdrive, or on DVD.


Are the photos edited or retouched?


When will I receive my photos?


How many photos will I receive from my wedding?

Every wedding is different, but from a typical wedding we deliver about 600 fully-developed images.


Do you include an album?

We offer albums from several lines of bookmakers, and screen every one for quality. Most of our collections include an album, and after the wedding we'll work with you to create a custom design just for your wedding. Our background as graphic designers means we love designing the album almost as much as taking the photos. If your collection didn't include one, you're always welcome to add one later. Or if you'd like to upgrade your included album's style, size, or line, we can do that too!


Who picks the photos for the album?

What kind of equipment do you use?

How does booking and payment work?

To formally reserve your date, we need to receive your booking agreement and retainer. We use an online system to build your collection and sign your contract, and you have the option to send the retainer by check or by credit card.


Should we meetup before booking?

We love to meet before booking, so we recommend it whenever possible. But if you don't live locally, or your schedule doesn't permit it, our online booking system allows us to move forward without meeting.


Can you pencil us in before we book?

Unfortunately no. We book on a first come, first serve basis and due to the number of inquiries we receive, it isn't possible for us to reserve a date until we've receive both the retainer and the signed booking agreement.


Can we customize a wedding collection?

Absolutely. Our minimum investment for Saturday coverage is the Basic Collection ($2500), but we can work with you to customize the contents of that or any other collection to fit your needs.


When should we schedule the engagement shoot?

It depends on a few things, but we can be very flexible with you. We've shot engagements from over a year ahead all the way up to days before the wedding. If you want to use the photos for a guestbook, we recommend at least 3 months before the wedding. For save the date cards or invitations, at least 6 weeks before you want to mail them.


What should we wear to the engagement shoot?

The short answer is, whatever makes you feel confident! You already have favorite outfits that you love, and that's a great place to start. Talk to each other to make sure you'll be equally dressy or casual. We've also found that dark colors allow the face to be the focus, and slim the body, while lighter colors draw attention to the body. Solids always work, and some patterns are great, too, but of course strong patterns will draw attention. Try layering for some flexibility in the photos.


Can we change outfits or shoot in multiple locations?

Sure, there's no extra charge for outfit or location changes. However, keep in mind that the included engagement shoot lasts about an hour. While it's ok if we run over a tad (that's usually Grant's fault...sometimes he gets carried away!), if you're interested in outfits or locations that will definitely require longer, the extra time will be billed at $125/hour.


Should we do the bridal shoot before or after the wedding?

Both can work well. Before the wedding, the bridal shoot can act as a dress rehearsal, to make sure you're happy with the tailoring of the dress and your styling. After the wedding, you may be more relaxed with the stress behind you, and you may feel more comfortable  walking around in it in new places.


What if the wedding lasts longer than we booked?

We can almost always accommodate extra time. The rate for extra time is $125 per hour per photographer.


What if you're sick on the day of the wedding?

In 6 years, we've never had to miss a wedding. But to be on the safe side, we maintain good relationships with a lot of great professional photographers in the area—we even led a monthly photographers meeting for about 3 years. So if something were to happen that prevented us from being there for you, either we or our family should have no trouble lining up a respected professional to help out.


Are you available for travel or destination weddings?

Absolutely! We've photographed in California, New Jersey, North Carolina, several times in Florida, as well as all over Tennessee and Georgia. The rate depends on the logistics for each wedding, so get in touch for a custom quote!


Do you shoot video?


Do you shoot family portraits, or senior portraits?

Yes and no. We're honored to work again with former clients as they have new milestones in their lives. But family portraits aren't a primary focus of our work for new clients.